How Key Systems should Work? 

Have you ever heard of a master key system? If not, let us explain in the simplest way possible – a single key that opens all the doors.

The master key system causes a lot of confusion –

how is one key opening several doors, but another one can only grant you access to only one of those doors?

What’s the secret behind this magic? In this blog, we’ll try to explain the insights of the master key system and its functionality.

Key Ranking in the System

The master key system requires you to have numerous keys.

However, these keys have different powers.

Depending on their abilities, the keys can be ranked starting from change key to great grand master key.

Let us tell you a bit about each key that’s involved in this brilliant yet complicated system. 

In order of least access to most access: 

Change Key

Such lowest ranking type of key is sometimes referred to as a sub-master key.

It will give you access to one lock and only locks that are exactly the same.

The lock that opens with the change key can also be opened with the use of a master key and any key above that rank.

Master Key

Also known as MK, is ranked the highest in some of the master key systems. Without it, there is only one key for a lock.

The master key is used to open every door within that system.

Grand Master Key

If you’re wondering what key can be ranked higher than a master key, let us tell you about the grand master key. It can access multiple master key systems.

For example, let’s say that your company has 3 departments. Therefore you have one master key system for each.

If you have a grand-master key you’ll be able to access each lock in these 3 master key systems.

Great Grand Master Key

What’s it for? You guessed it!

To open all the grand master key systems you may have.

The owners of huge companies that have numerous buildings and departments often have a great grand master key system.

Theoretically, there can be a higher ranking key that opens s few great grand master key systems, however, it would create a way too complicated system which is kind of against the whole idea behind master key systems.

Who Needs a Master Key System?

The master key system is a must for commercial properties.

It makes it so much more convenient for an owner to have access to every corner of his/her property.

Having keys of several ranks also allows business owners to determine which employer gets full access and which gets a limited one.

Royal Locksmith also recommends installing a master key system for homeowners.

The master key can come very handy in case you lose a key to your front door or a bedroom.

Therefore, it can help greatly in avoiding lockouts

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