Residential locksmith


Helping you take care of your home’s security is our passion. As a licensed and insured residential locksmith, we’ve been trusted by countless NY residents to assist with the the all-important task of protecting their homes and families. 

Royal Locksmith operates in all 5 boroughs, offering services that range from lock replacements to getting people back into their homes during a lockout. What’s more, we offer all these services 24/7! Our mobile unit can be out on the road at a moment’s notice to bring you the help you need.

Quality products, professional service, and affordable prices – these are the reasons New Yorkers trust Royal Locksmith with their homes. 

How Can We Help Secure Your Home? 

Great question! We’ve trained and worked for years, building our knowledge and industry expertise so that we’re able to confidently say we can safely complete any residential locksmith service you require for your home’s locks and keys:

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House Lockout Assistance

Our customers face all kinds of trouble with their locks, but perhaps the biggest headaches come in the form of house lockouts. We get many calls from residents stranded outside their homes, with no spare key and no-one close by to help out. If this is you – don’t panic! You can call Royal Locksmith. Not only can we get you back into your home, we can also cut you a new key on the spot to make sure you don’t get locked out again in the future.

Lock Change / Lock Rekey

There are several situations that may require you to consider changing your locks: moving into a new, previously owned home, experiencing a break in, losing track of the keys you’ve given out to family and friends. We can replace your locks with ease, or help you select new locks to put in their place.

Alternatively, if you don’t want want to change your locks, you may consider asking Royal Locksmith to rekey your locks. That is, going in and changing the internal pins of your locks and rearranging them to accept a new key. In this case, your old keys will be rendered useless, but your locks won’t have to be changed. It’s a quick process, cheaper than changing locks, and offers the same level of protection.

Lock Installation

Choosing the right locks is a crucial step in securing your home and protecting your family. However, it’s not always easy. Royal Locksmith carries a wide variety of locks for several areas in and around your home: front door and back door locks, sliding door locks, garage door and mailbox locks, safe and cabinet locks too! We carry lock and key products to accommodate every level of security. Want to go keyless? No problem. We’ve got the right locks for everybody, whatever the unique needs of your home security are. 

Other Residential Locksmith Services

In addition to the services described above, Royal Locksmith also offers the following services:

  • Key Duplication
  • Key Replacement
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • High Security Lock Installation

To see the entire list of the services we provide and the minimum and maximum price ranges, check out our prices page.


 Why Do NY Residents Choose Royal Locksmith?

With all the different locksmith companies serving the area of New York, it may be difficult to know who to trust in your time of need. However, it doesn’t have to be a complicated decision. Royal Locksmith has proven to our customers time and time again why they can safely place their homes in our care.

Industry Expertise

Royal Locksmith is a licensed (License No. 2058208-DCA) and insured locksmith service provider, meaning we’ve got the credentials of a trained and professional locksmith. On top of that, we’ve got years of service under our belt. We’ve worked on countless locks and keys, seen and handled every kind of problem. 

Dedication to Quality

Royal Locksmith are true professionals, meaning the assistance you get from us will be far superior to that of unqualified, fraudulent “professional” locksmiths that make a practice of scamming their clients with poorly completed services at exorbitant fees. These companies advertise their services online and unfortunately, homeowners fall victim to their promises of cheap service. Alternatively, some homeowners attempt to take measures into their own hands after reading “expert” advice on the internet about simple solutions for their lock and key issues. They often end up damaging their own property, having to call in a locksmith for expensive repairs and replacements.

Avoid falling victim to either of these situations by simply calling a professional locksmith at the first sign of trouble. Call Royal! We complete every job with care and dedication to protecting your property. 

Affordable Pricing

With Royal Locksmith, the price we quote you is what you’ll pay – no extra fees for the “late hour” or “unforeseen complications.” Here’s how we work:

  1. You call Royal and we come to your location
  2. We assess your situation and give you an estimate, covering the cost of service and products.
  3. We complete the job and you pay the agreed-upon price.

That’s it! Our customers appreciate our upfront pricing and commitment to honesty in service.

Call Our Residential Locksmith to see how we can help you protect your home: (516) 916-5873.