Car Keys Extraction in New York City

Has your car key snapped in the ignition? The door? The trunk? Having a key stuck inside a lock is stressful, and can seem irreparable, but you can rest easy knowing the problem has a simple fix and Royal Locksmith is on hand to extract the broken key, replace it, and get you back into your car and out on the road. 

As a fully licensed locksmith service provider, we operate 24/7 from our mobile unit, always ready to come when you call. With fast response times and affordable prices, Royal Locksmith is your go-to source for reliable key extraction services in the NYC area.

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Why Car Keys Break?

Wear & Tear

The most common reason car keys break is due to simple wear and tear over time. Car keys, like any other hardware, become worn over time with daily use. Drivers should make a habit of checking their keys for cracks which makes them more likely to snap. If you notice that your key is cracked, replace it immediately (we can do that for you!) so that you don’t get stuck with a broken key!

Excessive Force

In some cases, a key can break off because of excessive force on part of the car owner. The key could break in the ignition or the door lock if too much pressure is applied. If you notice the key isn’t turning the way it’s supposed to, DO NOT exert more turning pressure – it may be that the lock just needs some lubrication. The solution to that is quick and cheap, but continuing to put pressure on the key may break it. 

Extreme Cold

Broken car keys are a common occurrence in the cold winter months. Extreme weather changes can sometimes make your keys, locks, and ignition susceptible to change. Metal contracts when it comes into contact with the cold, which can warp your keys and even the lock itself. Take care not to force the key into the lock if you notice trouble during these months – you could risk damaging your car.

How We Extract Keys

The car key extraction process is simpler than it may appear. However, the task of removal can depend on the state of the lock and key. When you have a stuck or broken key, it’s important to leave it up to the professionals.

When car keys break inside a lock cylinder (either in the ignition or the door) they usually do so at the point where the shaft of the key meets the head. To extract the key, we will use either a broken key extraction tool or a broken key extraction kit. The extraction processes for each tool are pretty similar, with a couple of minor differences.

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