car lockouts


Getting locked out of the car happens to everyone. It’s easy to let it stump you and ruin your day. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. By calling Royal Locksmith, you can get back into the driver’s seat quickly and without any damage to your car. 

Royal Locksmith is a licensed and insured local locksmith. We serve the residents of New York City and assisting them with their car lockout emergencies. 

What’s more, we’re totally mobile and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No matter what time you have a lockout emergency, we can be there promptly with our fully equipped mobile unit to get you sorted.

How Do We Handle Your Car Lockout?


Most of what Royal Locksmith does is handle lockouts. We provide assistance to several customers a day who have lost their keys or locked themselves out of their cars. If you find yourself in this situation, you can contact us and rest assured that a professional and experienced locksmith is on the way to open your door. 

So, exactly how do we get you back into your car? Depending on the specific hardware for your make and model of car, we have several ways of opening car doors

Slim Jim Tool

A Slim Jim tool is a staple of every locksmith’s tool kit. When your car is locked from the inside, we use the slim jim. It is inserted between the glass and weather stripping of your window in order to unlock your door without the key. 

J & L Tools

We use J & L tools on older models of car that have switched lock and unlock buttons on their door panels. We pass the tool through the top of the window and use it to release the lock button. 


Most new cars these days are made with keyless entry systems. When you’ve gotten locked out, we’ve got to reprogram these systems before they can be unlocked. The locksmith that handles your lockout will be trained and experienced in working with these kinds of locks, so you can be assured that we’ll reprogram your lock and get you back inside without harming your vehicle.

Key Analyzer And Mechanical Code Key Cutter

For those times when you’ve lost your car key, we can not only get you back into your car, but make you a new key on the spot. For many cars, we can use a key analyzer to determine the electrical resistance values of your lock and then use them to cut a duplicate without needing the original key.

Get Help From A Professional Local Locksmith

The internet is full of bad advice about how to handle your own lockout. While it may sound easier to attempt DIY methods in order to avoid spending money on a locksmith, these methods rarely ever work and oftentimes cause you to damage your car in the process. 

That’s why we recommend calling Royal Locksmith when you have a car lockout emergency. We have upfront, affordable prices and are specifically trained to handle your lockout emergency. Best of all, we will do it all without incurring any damage to your vehicle. 

Call Royal Locksmith at (516) 916-5873 to find out how we can help you with your lockout!.