Duplicating a Car Key


Need An Extra Car Key In NYC?

Royal Locksmith is a 24 hour, 7 days a week locksmith service, serving New York City and its 5 boroughs. Whenever we need a car key duplication, we are here to help!

We are able to duplicate a wide range of different car keys for you; in fact, we’re pretty sure there is no car key we aren’t able to duplicate! 

We are fully licensed (license no: 2058208-DCA) and insured locksmith company, and will arrive at your location, wherever you are in NYC, with all of the tools we need to complete your car key duplication on the spot. 

Interested In Which Types Of Keys We Can Duplicate?

Good question! In fact, we are pretty certain we can cut any car key for you, without an issue. We have all of the machinery and tools needed to duplicate your car key quickly and efficiently. You can relax knowing we are highly skilled and know exactly what we are doing!

We can duplicate basic car keys which are normal keys that date back pre-1995 when transponders within car keys become standardized. Please bear in mind that we can only cut basic car keys should your current car not require a transponder chip for entry.

Next, we have car transponder keys. These have a chip in them that sends a code to the car’s internal computer system. Thus, we will have to configure your new key duplication to this in order for it to work.

Similarly, remote-controlled car keys operate in a similar way. The difference is that while this unlocks the car and possibly the trunk, it will not start the engine as a transponder key does. We are able to make duplicate remote control keys for you.

Flip remote keys are simple car keys but ones, which fold into the main fob of the key.

Then we have proximity keys – which don’t actually look like keys at all as they have no metal key but instead have buttons which can both unlock the car and start the ignition. Royal Locksmith has all of the skills needed to duplicate these for you.

Reasons For Needing A Duplicate Car Key

You may require a duplicate car key to ensure that, should you lose your current one, you have a back-up in place. The last thing you want is to be locked out of your car or vehicle!

Best Locksmith Service In NYC!

Royal Locksmith can offer you round-the-clock, mobile locksmith services ANYWHERE in the New York City area! We are fully licensed and insured, offering you peace of mind in knowing that with us, you are receiving a safe, reliable service, whenever you need it! What’s more, our prices won’t break the bank!

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