Royal Locksmith – Keeping Your Commercial Space Secure 

If you’re looking to increase the security of your commercial space or, for that matter, any lockable area – why not consider a deadbolt lock? Essentially, deadbolts offer one of the highest levels of lock security on the market. Royal Locksmith can make it out to your location anywhere in New York City to install a deadbolt lock for you, night or day! 

Why Should I Choose A Deadbolt Over Another Lock?

The reasons for choosing a deadbolt over another lock are plentiful. It’s hard to top the security offered by a deadbolt, as the lock mechanism works differently to that of other locks. It can only be moved to the open position by rotating the key in its entirety, thus making it virtually impossible for it to be tampered with or broken in to. Yet, it is still accessible by one key, meaning not only is it highly secure, but it is also user-friendly, too.

Will It Be Suitable For My Specific Door? 

Due to it being quite compact, deadbolts can be installed on almost any type of door! If you’re still unsure, why not give Royal Locksmith a call and we can make it out to your location and go through your options with you. 

Licensed And Insured – Choose Royal! 

Royal Locksmith is fully licensed and insured. Our license number is 2058208-DCA. Ergo, you know you can trust us to come out to your location and complete your locksmith request competently and with a high level of skill!

Royal Locksmith – NYC’s Premier Choice! 

Royal Locksmith serves all 5 boroughs of New York City. Not only that! We are also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No matter what day or time, we can make it out to your specific location to install a deadbolt lock or deal with just about any locksmith need you may have, period!