Residential locksmith


Going through a house lockout is stressful, and can even be dangerous in the cold winter months of NYC. It can be even worse when you have small children and family members with you.

If you’re experiencing a lockout and are wondering about what to do, call Royal Locksmith! We’re a licensed and insured local locksmith service provider, serving NYC residents with 24/7 lockout assistance. 

What’s more, we’re entirely mobile. Our unit is always standing by on the road, ready to be dispatched to your location with the tools and equipment needed to open your doors and get you back into your home, safe and sound. 

How Do We Handle Your Lockout?

Royal Locksmith handles several lockouts a day, from cars to businesses to homes. House lockouts especially, are more common than you might think. Even the most careful and responsible homeowners occasionally forget or lose their keys.

If you find yourself locked out of your home, it’s important to call a trained, professional locksmith to open your door for you. Depending on the lock and key hardware of your doors, we have a few options for getting you back inside:

Lock Picking

Lock picking is the simplest and most common way that we get our customers back inside their homes. We have various kinds of lock picking tools that allow us to align the pins and leavers inside your lock, which in turn allows us to unlock and open your door. This is the least intrusive method we have of gaining access to your home and doesn’t cause any damage to your locks and doors.

Sliding The Latch

In some instances, your door is “only” closed, but not actually locked. In this case, we use a special laminated card made of flexible, low friction plastic, to slide between the door and door frame and open the door. 

Lock Bumping

We use a technique known as lock bumping to pick pin tumbler locks, which are very commonly placed on house doors. This involves inserting a special kind of key called a bump key into the lock cylinder and then gently “bumping” it with a mallet or screwdriver. This forces the pins inside the lock to the shear line as the key turns and opens the door. 

Drilling Or Cutting The Lock

At Royal Locksmith, we will always prioritize non-destructive entry methods. We do our best to work quickly and efficiently without damaging your lock hardware or your door. However, it’s sometimes the case that a door can not be opened using any of our simple lock picking tools. For example, very high-security locks or locks where the bolt has been rusted over.

In these cases we may need to use a drill to reach the internal parts of the lock, exposing it so that we can use a tool (such as a screwdriver) to unlock the door. It should be noted that when we are forced to drill, we only ever drill into a small area of the lock, and not into your actual door. 

We may also be required to cut the bolt of a lock-in certain situations. For example, if it becomes impossible to open or you’ve lost the key to a padlock. In these cases will simply cut the bolt and unlock the door.

Call The Professionals!

Bad advice about how to break into your own home is all over the internet. It may be tempting to try one of these DIY methods instead of spending money on a locksmith service. However, these methods are usually a waste of time and often cause you to damage your property. 

Instead, call a professional – call Royal Locksmith! We offer affordable prices and are trained specifically to handle your house lockout emergency.

Contact Royal Locksmith at (516) 916-5873 to get a free quote for our house lockout service!