The Right Type of Lockset for you

What type of Lockset if right for you is not something you avidly spend time researching. However, it is something that you tend to face at least once in your life when you are choosing a lock for your door

Although the majority of us tag locks as regular, normal or standard, manufacturers don’t tend to label them as such. This creates a lot of doubts and puzzles most of us, but have no fear, we broke down some of the types for you better understand. Find out which is the right type of lockset for you

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Entry Lockset Function

Seen as the most common type of lock, which would mean that you most probably own such lockset type. This type of lockset works with a small button on the inside of the knob/lever, which would allow manual lock. Most types allow you to push the button in and then turn, causing the lock to remain locked, even after the key has been inserted. These types are most often found inside the house or back doors. 

Storeroom Lockset Function

Similarly to the above type, this is one of the most common types. It requires a key and works only when the right key is inserted. This is one of the most basic lockset types, where there is no button of any sort and will lock immediately. The name comes from the lockset holding commonplace in commercial units. It allows maximum safety for the supply closet or storage rooms, where you ensure only personnel with keys will enter.

Classroom Lockset Function

As the name suggests, this lockset function is most often found in the classrooms. Similar to the storeroom lockset, it does not have a button on the inside. Unlike storeroom lockset though, it allows the door to the left unlocked with the key inserted. A full turn of the knob will unlock it, allowing only someone with the CORRECT key to leave the door open. This allows for maximum efficiency and safety. 

Privacy Lockset Function

Similarly to its name, Privacy lockset functions are mostly used in bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy reasons. Although it is not the most secure or safe lockset, it is designed as a lock to simply prevent another from just walking in. The inside has a push button and a small hole on the outside. The lock can be easily opened from the outside with any kind of pin or paperclip. Hence, why it is used for privacy rather than security.

Passage Lockset Function 

This sort of a lock is not a lock by any means. It is a knob or a lever that doesn’t actually lock but keep the door latched to the frame to prevent continuous openness. This way you can close the door but not lock it. Most often used in closets or on the door where locking is not necessary. 

Please keep in mind that these are not the ONLY lockset types available on the market. However, these are the most common types and the ones that are used the most.