Every homeowner worries about it: burglary. After all, it’s the most commonly reported crime in the US. It’s different from both robbery and theft; burglary involves entering a property with the intention to commit a crime, and doesn’t actually require that any property was stolen, or that a person-to-person interaction to occur. 

With the looming threat of burglary always on the minds of homeowners, millions of dollars are spent countrywide every year on locks, keys, and lock maintenance. However, there are some things about burglary in the US that might surprise (and alarm) you. The nature of the crime has changed in the past few decades, therefore it’s incumbent upon every person to understand the facts about burglary and how to prevent it. 

In this post, we’ve presented some little-known facts and statistics about burglary that we think you need to know. The accompanying infographic originally appeared on Safeatlast’s blog.

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