Are you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving? You probably have a lot on your mind — between the turkeys, guests, kids and having everything ready on time. Maybe you are leaving your home to visit your family in a different state and are frantically getting ready. Home security becomes secondary, a tedious task, yet it should not be. Royal Locksmith urges you to read further to know how you can be ensuring home security this Thanksgiving.

Manage Mail Delivery

If you’re leaving your home to visit your family elsewhere for this Thanksgiving then make sure to organize your mail delivery schedules. One of the easiest ways for a burglar to target your home is through unhandled stacks of mail and leaflets. Inaction to collect mail or leaflets obviously alerts the thieves that nobody is home, making it an easy hit. 

Although it sounds trivial, it is essential to take the time and delay or cancel any mails/newspaper deliveries. 

Install Timers For Lighting

Again, if you are going away for this Thanksgiving, a good tip for home security would be to install lighting timers. As the name suggests the timers would turn on and off according to the set times. This can be set up outside and inside the house, or both, so the light will turn on for a certain period of time. Doing so makes it seem as if someone is at home, once again reducing the chance of possible burglary targeting. 

Make Use of Your Smart Lock

Hopefully, if you keep following our blog then you will have installed a smart or electric lock by now. As you may know, a smart lock allows you to be connected to your phone. Allowing you to open or check on your door from virtually anywhere. This comes in handy whether you are at home or going away this long weekend. 

If you are going away then you can keep an eye out on for any alerts on your phone. More specifically for any alerts regarding an attempted breaking-in or a possible burglary. This will be at peace knowing you are aware of what is happening at your home.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed our article on ensuring home security this Thanksgiving

If you are staying at home then you can definitely make use of your smart lock as well.

Certain manufacturers such as ‘alarm’ allow the users to generate unique time-based code for guests to go in and out without a key.

This is not only convenient but also allows the host to know who is at home and who is going out.

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