Whilst Royal Locksmith is here night and day to assist you during your lockout situation, we thought it would be helpful for our customers to have some useful tips on how to avoid this happening in the first place – after all, this can be a very stressful situation to be in!

Be Prepared! 

It can never hurt to be prepared – always try to have a spare key for your car, office or house. Royal Locksmith can easily create key duplications for you, for any and all of your keys. 

Furthermore, it’s worth keeping your spare key in a secure place where you are easily able to access it without the worry of it being stolen. 

Entrust Your Key With Someone

It’s always worth giving a spare key to someone you trust. This way, you always have a back-up, should you become locked out. 

Entrusting someone you know with a spare key can help avoid you having to call a locksmith out to your location. 

Keep Track Of Your Keys

Stay vigilant; always remember to take your keys with you! If you’re leaving your house, make it a habit to go through a check-list. Keys, wallet, phone. Keep this lodged in your mind until it becomes habitual. These are the little things we can all do to ensure we don’t face a lockout.
With regards to cars, leaving your keys inside of a locked car can be a nightmare.

This tends to happen in rushed situations. No matter how pushed for time you are, try to get into the habit of making sure you have your car key in hand at the time of getting out of the car.