Has this ever happened to you?

You sit in your driver’s seat, put in your keys to start your car but the car keys won’t turn and are stuck?

Do not panic!

Door knob with a key.
Door knob with a key.

There could be a few reasons for that and there are easy solutions for them. If you can’t get your car keys to turn then read further find out why. 

Worn Out keys

Onne of the most common reasons for car keys not cooperating with your car is they are worn out.

If you’ve used your car for years, constant use of the key in the ignition tends to wear down the keys.

Likewise, if you tend to toss your keys in pockets or bags, creating friction with all types of surfaces.

Constant use of keys leads to inevitable damage, which means it might be time to get a new car key. 

Bent Keys

Might need a little paying attention to, but your keys might be bent!

This happens when we force the keys into the ignition, or if they’ve recently come under accidental duress.

Regardless, this means that your car probably won’t be going anywhere until they are fixed. 

Make sure to not create further complications by forcefully straightening the keys. This in itself could create additional predicaments.  

Ignition Problems

It could be that your keys, in fact, are not at fault. Your ignitions face multiple types of problems daily.

It could the fault of misaligned pins, maybe there are faults in the electrical circuit linking the ignition and car battery.

Or it simply might be a damaged ignition cylinder, which could prevent you from inserting or removing your car keys.

Either way, the best option would be to get in touch with an experienced Locksmith, to avoid further complications. 

Dead Battery

As the ignition system depends on the power received from the battery.

If there are any complications with the battery then the ignition consequently will not function adequately.

If you think you are facing battery problems then the best thing to do would be to wait for a jump start or install a new battery. 

Steering Wheel Lock

If you turned off your vehicle whilst turning the wheel then most probably it will activate steering wheel lock.

This will not only prevent you from turning the steering wheel but from getting your keys as well.

This happens due to the ignition cylinder looking along with the steering wheel.

This can easily be managed by trying to turn the key whilst wiggling the steering wheel around.

This should easily unlock the system.

In case you are facing difficulties with your car keys, then make sure to get in touch with Royal Locksmith.

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