How To Extract A Broken Key From The Lock

Like it or not keys are prone to wear and tear. You can be very careful but you can’t prevent it in the long run. Worn our keys tend to malfunction and sometimes even break into a lock cylinder. If it ever happens to you don’t stress out because there are several ways of removing the broken key from the lock. Royal Locksmith is an NYC based company that has a huge experience in the locksmith field. We have a few suggestions for you on extracting a broken key from the lock.

Taking the Lock Apart 

The “roughest” solution for broken key extraction is taking your lock apart. You can do so to expose the backside of the lock cylinder. This way you’ll be able to push the key out. After you remove all the broken pieces, you can go ahead and put your lock back together. Even though this solution seems simple, it’s really tricky. You have to be absolutely sure of your abilities. If you are not careful you may damage your lock permanently.

Using a Key Extractor

An extractor is a professional tool for removing the key from the lock. There are various types of key extractors. Two of the most widely used ones are spiral extractor and the hook extractor. Spiral key extractors are very narrow strips of metal that have grooves in them. These groves are used for gripping the broken key so it can be removed easily. The hook extractor is used for hooking and pulling the broken pieces from the lock. Both types of extractors are widely available online and in hardware stores. However, you should be very careful when using these tools not to break the lock by excessive force. 

Asking for a Professional Assistance 

There can be hundreds of DIY ways of broken key extraction but no one can do it like a professional locksmith. If you hire an expert for this job you can be sure that broken key extraction will be completed without causing any further damage to your lock or even the door. If you need professional locksmith assistance in New York, why don’t you call Royal Locksmith? We are at your service 24/7! Our mobile services are licensed and insured so you can trust us with your broken key extraction. 

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